Welcome to ABC Speech Pathology

Here you can find out about us; where we are; who we are; the conditions we treat; and the assistance we can give to get everyone speaking correctly.
English can be complicated for those who learn it;  but ABC Speech helps everyone to speak correct  English and to be understood by those we interact with.

Speech Pathology is all about helping people develop their Language skills so they can communicate with others effectively. See our short video

Please feel free to contact ABC Speech Pathology to arrange a consultation.  Or use the form on the right.

Our contact details:

ABC Speech Pathology (ABN: 95 898 665 833) NDIS Provider

Mobile: 0412 336371 Email: amdennes@gmail.com Zoom: by request – please email me for your unique Zoom invitation.

Location: 26 Speare Street, Moorebank  NSW 2170 (click on map to enlarge)

ABC Speech Pathology is run by Alan Dennes, a skilled Speech Pathologist.  Learn about Alan below:

Alan Dennes, BAppSc (Speech Pathology), BEd, Dip Teach, MSPAA

Alan is a qualified Speech Pathologist and teacher with a combined work experience of more than 40 years in Primary School, High School and Private Practice as a Speech Pathologist. ABC Speech Pathology was established in 1999 and has been serving the Liverpool community and the broader Sydney area ever since. Alan has taught in the standard classroom setting as well as being accredited to teach Learning Disabled students in both Primary and High School.  He has also had experience as an Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf.  Therapy sessions can be held in our rooms, at school or at home.

Alan believes that learning is best achieved in a fun, non-threatening environment, where each child progresses step by step toward their goals at their own pace.

We now have a Learning DVD available.  Visit the Resources page for more information…